Fibre Folk Reviews (old site)

Described by Julia Billings of as the sister yarn to the Hole and Sons yarn that was the viral hit of the northern summer, Julia is using our undyed Dorset wool in the Breed Swatchalong run by Louise of Knit British. She plans to keep us updated on her thoughts on her blog.

Claire Ward of describes it as a 'work-horse' of a yarn, sturdy and hard wearing and so should be warm and practical. She thinks it would suit a cabled jumper and would be good for socks too. Claire has made a lace knitted hat  and has found that after blocking and drying it does soften and bloom beautifully.  She recommends soaking it in a good wool wash such as Eucalan.

Dana Nelms of @danabnelms on instagram tested the wool and has given the following review.

My first impression of the yarn was that it was a hearty, full bodied (sounds a bit like wine :) yarn that would be perfect for outerwear. I decided on a striped hat and got started. The yarn had a crispness about it, which I didn't mind, but became pleasantly softer while working with it. When finished knitting, I soaked the hat in SOAK wash for about 10 minutes, squeezed the excess water from the hat, and was delighted to find the stripes of navy, natural and claret were still perfectly defined. A concern I often have when pairing navy and reds with whites. Once dried, I believe that I finally understood what it means for yarn to bloom. The stitch definition was still very apparent, but all spaces in and around the stitches were filled with a soft halo. The final result was a soft, warm, weather resistant hat with beautiful stitch definition, that I am sure will become one of my favorites. Overall, A+ on all accounts.